Millwright Training

Newell Machinery contracts with Millwright 2158 Union Labor, which trains millwrights through one of the most respected and challenging apprenticeship programs in the United States. Apprentice millwrights undergo more than four years of intensive education and training. Their training covers a wide variety of millwright skills and abilities, which enables Newell Machinery millwrights to handle any task they're given.

In addition, Newell Machinery is the most consistent millwright employer in the Midwest, with a number of employees who have been Newell Machinery millwrights for more than 30 years. This consistent employment allows our employees to completely understand the needs of our customers and the standards of Newell Machinery. For this reason, Newell Machinery enjoys the highest levels of productivity of any millwright contractor in the United States.

For more details on the extensive training our millwrights undergo, please view our Millwright Apprentice Curriculum.