Millwright Experience

With more than 100 years of millwright experience, Newell Machinery has a time-tested resume and a wealth of knowledge that comes only from completing thousands of successful projects.

Newell is proud to be the most consistent millwright employer in the Midwest, with a number of employees who have been Newell Machinery Millwrights for more than 30 years. Our consistency enables Newell to have a core group of employees who completely understand the needs of our customers.

Our millwrights have completed millions of hours of labor, providing our customers with a wide array of services. We have extensive experience in everything from precision machine set-up to finding cost effective ways to get a plant up and running.

Our understanding of equipment needs and troubleshooting makes Newell Machinery a valuable asset in the daily operation of manufacturing and processing facilities. Also, as an OEM supplier of bulk material handling equipment, Newell Machinery millwrights have a unique perspective and expertise to install equipment in an efficient and thorough manner.

In addition to a wide array of millwright experience, Newell also has specialty experience in grain processing facilities. As a result, our understanding of equipment needs and ability to troubleshoot makes us a valuable asset in the daily operation of corn or soybean processing facilities.

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