What does Newell inspect?

Depending on your needs, our certified technicians will inspect every part of your overhead, jib, and gantry crane. We perform an inspection and operational test of the installation, and all hoist components; from the hoists and trolleys to the runways and controls.

During our service, our technician will perform the following tasks:

  • Visual inspection of the structural members; looking for missing fasteners and signs of wear or damage.
  • Visual inspection of the sheaves, drums, bearings, and wheels of the hoist and trolley.
  • Inspection of all braking mechanisms for proper operation.
  • Visual inspection of the hoist’s cable or load chain for wear including abrasion, corrosion, and kinking or “bird-caging” of wire rope slings.
  • Inspection of all bumpers, stops, and any applicable rail sweeps.
  • Inspect all electrical connections including power rail, brushes, and components for signs of wear, damage, or arcing.
  • Inspect and test the operation of all safety devices such as lights, audible alarms, limit switches, and safety components
  • Inspect load hook for wear, stretch, or any damage.
  • Check for full and proper operation of the entire crane system.
  • Provide you with full documentation of the services performed in a clear concise report for your files and reference.
  • Enter the inspection into our records for future needs; such as parts and future service.